The COVID-19 virus (the coronavirus) is obviously a real concern for every Canadian as well as for our families, friends and colleagues around the globe.

At the Great Western Brewing Company, we are taking increased measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and community: 

  • All employee business travel is suspended;

  • Staff have been asked to work from home whenever possible and to closely self-monitor their physical and mental health and to seek care and support should they feel ill; and

  • We will support employees who follow government travel recommendations but who still may be required to self-isolate. 

In short, we will continue to take every reasonable measure to help our employees help us better protect everyone. 

We have also stepped up measures at our plant to restrict public access, increase social distancing among employees and enhance our already strong sanitation standards and protocols. 

Again, we will take every reasonable precaution and practice to safeguard our people, our plant and our product.

Working together, we will get through this as a company and as a community. 

During this difficult time, we would also encourage everyone to look out for those less fortunate among us - an elderly neighbour or a health care provider or first responder now unexpectedly caring for young children or a frail parent. 

There will come a day when this difficult time is behind us that we as a community will want to acknowledge all of the unsung heroes who are now doing so much for so many.  At an appropriate time, GWBC will offer to help lead such a community gathering or event. 

But until then, let’s all be kind, be safe and continue to do our part.

Michael Brennan
President and CEO
Great Western Brewing Co.

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