Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan

Agriculture is a part of who we are as a province. Our history, lives, livelihood, and our homes are built on a foundation of farming. Great Western is a longtime champion of Saskatchewan farmers. As part of our dedication to agriculture, we formed a partnership with Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan.

Farm & Food Care advocates for farmers in Saskatchewan, as well as the consumers by providing education and information about the food grown and raised in the province. The organization connects the farmer to the consumer through programs and events.

According to the organization, less than 2% of Canadians have a direct link to farming, despite the Saskatchewan agriculture industry being the most diversified industry sector in Canada, with $11.7 billion in export sales in 2013.

Our first program with Farm & Food Care saw $1 from every six-pack of our seasonal Harvest Bock donated to the organization. As our partnership grows, we’ll look for more ways to support the good work they do.

This long-term commitment isn’t just to Farm & Food Care, it’s also a commitment to Saskatchewan’s dedicated and hardworking farmers, and to the people of Saskatchewan who are interested in knowing where and how our food gets to the table…or glass.

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