Without Saskatchewan producers, there is no Great Western Beer

The air is crisp now. Harvest is coming to a close in Saskatchewan and we’re getting ready to look back on a year of long days and even longer nights in the field.   As a Saskatchewan owned and grown company, we’re committed to agriculture. We work directly with producers to single-source the finest 100% two row Saskatchewan barley, giving our beer unparalleled flavour and an…

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25th Annual Pancake Breakfast a Success

The week flew by almost as fast as the pancakes flew off the flattop. We had another excellent year, raising almost $37,000 for Camp Circle O’ Friends. Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the food and the red eyes and a huge thank you to our volunteers, staff, and to Potash Corp. for their generous donation matching. CTV’s Maleeha Sheikh visited breakfast central on day 1 to…

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25 years of local

“If you can’t sell it, then why don’t you buy it yourself?” Those fateful words helped put the wheels of 25 years of proud, local brewing in motion. One of the brewery’s founders, Greg Kitz shared his story of those milestone moments before the birth of Great Western Brewing with The Star Phoenix.   Read Full Article

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Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan

Agriculture is a part of who we are as a province. Our history, lives, livelihood, and our homes are built on a foundation of farming. Great Western is a longtime champion of Saskatchewan farmers. As part of our dedication to agriculture, we formed a partnership with Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan. Farm & Food Care advocates for farmers in Saskatchewan, as well as the consumers by…

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Celebrating 25 Years of Cheers

January on the prairies. It’s bitterly cold, and the wind cuts razor sharp across long-frozen ridges of snow. The windows of the brewery, perpetually steamed, look down on an announcement even colder than the winter air outside. Operator Carling O’Keefe has decided to amalgamate with Molson Brewing Company. The 50 year old brewery was about to close its doors for good, spelling…

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